Spring is Coming

I do not think there is a person out there in Ontario that is not looking forward to Spring. This has been a winter to remember. Some say, this is more of a 'traditional winter' (whatever that means), some see the benefits - like ski hills packed and local lakes water levels rising. Myself, well, I am done with Winter. I look forward with glee to the warming of the weather and hurried disappearance of the snow.

The great part about working in menswear is the fact that our 'seasons' come early. We have been receiving goods for the Spring in fits and spurts and it will turn to a flood in about a week - it can definately help ones outlook when the weather is bleak. It is also a good thought for you to start looking towards getting your wardrobe in order for the warmer days that lie ahead. Time to go through and pull out some items, see if they still fit, need to be cleaned or repaired, or even taken in or let out a bit. Keep an eye on our site as we will be loading new Spring inventory for March as the weather outside coincides with menswear calendar ;)

Jason Byron Reynolds

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