Gift Ideas from John McNabb Clothier

We all know that getting men a gift can be an be hard. You have an advantage if the man in your life, whether father, husband, son, or whomever, shops here, we will be able to help you pick out something we know he will like in the size that he needs. For those still unsure of what to get, here are a couple of items that we carry in store that we love and we think the men in your life will too.

Merola Gloves: $195.00

As the temperature dips, gloves become essential for everyone here in Ontario. He probably has a pair already that he wears when doing a bit of shovelling, or out walking the dog. But how about a nice elegant pair that he can wear for work and when going out during the holidays? A nice pair of Merola Gloves may be just the gift. Crafted by hand in Italy and made of beautiful Nappa leather with luxurious 100% Cashmere lining these will fit, well, like a glove.

DION Socks: $30.00

Okay, socks can be a bit boring, I get it. But these socks are not the ones that you got from your Grandma as a kid. Made of Merino wool (that is the smooth non-scratchy stuff) and a little Polyamide to keep them where they should be, these will feel as good as they look. Now, there is a design and for everyone, I think these skull and bones ones are pretty amazing.

Weber Gold Knot Cufflinks: $65.00

Some men love cufflinks, some don't. I personally wear them sparingly, but everyone needs one good pair for when they really dress up. Go with a simple pair of knot cufflinks. Elegant, timeless, and stylish.

Royall Lime & Muske: $75.00

Everyone has their scent, and for many that has been Royall colonge. A classic fragrance that men over the ages have grown to love. Still made the same way with a scent reminiscent of emerald of the Caribbean, Bermuda. Available in Musk and Lime, with the Muske having a transformational quality, smelling a bit different on every man. The Lime is a lighter, airier, and a bit spicier. A gift that he will surely love.

Taylor of Bond Sandalwood Shaving Cream: $25.00

So beards are all the rage with the youth it seems. For many men in professional careers however, a shave is still on the agenda. For those that like a great shave, Taylor of Bond has been doing it right since 1854. I use this personally and find that it causes no irritation and has a great, soft scent. If you really want to spoil him, the the full shaving kit with badger brush, stand and razor would be a great gift idea.

From all of us at John McNabb Clothier, have a wonderful Christmas and be good to each other :D

Jason Byron Reynolds

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