Wardrobe Basics: The Grey Flannel Trouser

Winter is coming. Canada is cold, really, really cold depending upon the time of year and the region of the country you inhabit. Fortunately for a clotheshorse like me, this allows me to partake in a wider array of clothing then might be the case were this country not blessed (or cursed) with a cold and snowy winter. One problem that does present itself is how do you stay warm and look stylish in this country when the thermometer drops? Sure, you can throw on your overcoat, maybe a tweed jacket for those sunnier, less chilly days, but what about your lower extremities? This is the time of year where I suggest a pair of grey flannel trousers. Sure, gabardine and cotton chinos are great in the fall and spring, and have you ever tried to wear a pair of jeans in -15.00 Celsius (5.00 Fahrenheit for our American brethren)?

Flannel is perfect for Canada and other cold weather climates in the winter. So what is flannel? Flannel is a soft woven fabric woven from yarn that is spun from wool fibers of varying lengths, which are mixed together so that they lie across each other in all directions. The surface of flannel is so that it traps air against the skin where it is warmed by the body and in turn helps keep it warm. It is sumptuously soft, like you are wearing a pair of pajamas and the beautiful matte appearance works well with the dreary backdrop of winter.

Grey flannels not only help keep your lower half warm when the weather is cold, they are also the most versatile pants one can own. Pair mid-grey flannel trousers with a blue blazer or odd jacket for a timeless appearance. When worn with a tweed jacket the two textures complement each other perfectly. Or even just throw them on with a heavy knit sweater or cardigan for a more relaxed look.

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Jason Reynolds

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