Local Business Spotlight: Golds Shoe Service

Take a look at the shoes in the picture. Take a good look. How old do you think those shoes are? You may be surprised. These shoes are over 10 years old, but they look brand new. Shoes are really investment pieces. If you buy quality shoes they will last you a long time, in some cases indefinitely. The trick is you have to take care of them. Think of it like a car, you have to change the oil, get the needed repairs, and your car will last you a long time. The same is the case for good shoes. You need to clean and shine them on a fairly regular basis (more to come on this later), you must use shoe trees in them, and you must get them repaired when they need it. That brings us to our subject of our post: Golds Shoe Service in Barrie, Ontario.

These guys really know their craft. Until recently, I had only used them to have my shoes shined and treated and also to have my heels replaced. They have done an excellent job, just excellent. However, the shoes pictured in the photo (old oxblood Cole Hahn’s) were on the last leg. I wish I had taken a before picture, but alas, the thought did not occur to me. Needless to say, they were not very pretty. So, for the better part of a year, I had them relegated to shoe bags as they were not fit to wear. In fact, water was starting to penetrate to my socks as the soles had worn so thin. So, off to Golds they went to have the soles & heels replaced and the uppers thoroughly cleaned and polished. I shouldn’t say I wasn’t expecting much, I mean I did expect them to do a good job, but what I got back was more than I ever hoped or dreamed for.

I was permitted to watch them for a bit as they worked on my shoes. This is not a quick job, it is actually quite comprehensive. The one part I did take note of was the meticulous nature of the work they do. Checking and rechecking. The finished product is amazing, but you may be the judge for yourself.

You can see that the components that they are of the highest quality and the finished result shows it. These shoes will now be good for another 3-5 years depending on how much wear they get. All of this for the incredile price of only $65.00 plus tax. This really makes better quality, more expensive in dollar term, shoes a better choice in the long run. You may have to pony up at the beginning, but over the long haul, they will be at least as expensive as the cheaper options that wear out after a year or so of regular use. On top of that, one need not have to go through the sometimes arduous process of breaking in new shoes. They slip back on like the old, comfy pair they are.

If you are in need of a good cobler/shoe repair service and you are fortunate enough to be located in the Barrie or surronding area, give Paul and the crew at Golds Shoe Service a go, you will not be disappointed.

Jason Reynolds

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