The Blue Shirt

Many hold the opinion (as seen here and here) that the light blue dress shirt is the perfect colour to build ones shirt wardrobe around. For a great number of years, the only colour of dress shirt that was allowed at many places of professional employment was a solid white dress shirt. Of course a man will also need a couple of white shirts for evenings, summer, and more formal events. However, let us be honest, as times have changed many of us will be wearing the shirts for more than work, we will also for more casual fare like a night out on the town with the guys or for a date night with the significant other. This is exactly why blue excels Ė it is a casual colour, but can mean business too. White is very stark and is not flattering to all skin colours, especially in the drab days of winter which seems to go on endlessly here in Canada. Blue has no such problem. It works with just about any skin colour (especially on a man with blue eyes), matches brilliantly with navy, tan, brown and grey, looks appropriate with or without a jacket. It also comes in a variety of patterns to satisfy any manís tastes. Whether tattersall, Bengal stripe, checks, or just a plain olí oxford cloth, it is the easiest of shirts to wear and will save you time and money in the long run by helping to simplify your wardrobe.

Remember, simplicity is the core to dressing well. You are not a peacock on display; you are just a gentleman who is trying to look like one. By keeping your dress shirt colours to a single theme, you can build your wardrobe around those shirts. Over time you will be able to add more colour, but if are finding yourself dying to splash some colour in to your wardrobe, buy some funky socks.

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