Getting Started

When I was starting out getting in to men’s fashion, I was full of that typical youthful exuberance – lots of enthusiasm, little thought. I wanted clothing that looked ‘cool’. I bought clothes on a whim -- suit here, a tie there. I had no plan, nor any concept of building a wardrobe. I simply bought, tried to fit it in, usually discarding it or relegating the item to the back of the closet only months after purchase. I had no concept of what I should be looking for. I only knew that I needed new clothes for both work and play. What I now know, is that building a wardrobe takes time and some knowledge. Knowing a little bit of information before you buy will save you time and money – sometimes a lot of money.

Part of what this blog hopes to accomplish is to help educate men when it comes to selecting tailored menswear by offering information that you, the reader will find valuable and will save you time, money and many headaches. Information and advice that will lead to better buying decisions which will give you more confidence and enjoyment.

We will be reviewing new products, informative articles, highlighting current menswear trends, and having some fun too! So stay tuned. Whether you are just starting out building your wardrobe and looking for information or are an old hand at this, we hope to offer something for everyone.

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