One Is None

I will tell you something that you all may find a little strange. I eat the same thing for breakfast everyday. I also stop every Friday and get a panzerotti – one of my little indulgences. The girl at the counter joked the other day that “If you changed your order, I think I might faint.” Needless to say, I am a creature of habit. This was only reinforced when my new tote bag arrived on Thursday. It is exactly the same as the one I already have, and the one I have is still going strong. I guess what I am saying is, I like things the way I like them and don't want them to change ;).

This leads me inevitably into clothing. I stockpile my favourite blue and white dress shirts. I literally have a large Tupperware bin full of them waiting patiently to be opened and worn. Till that time, they will stay where they are. Why do I do this? Well besides a slight psychological disorder, is that I have learned that if you like something, get multiples. Your favourite shirt, for some odd, cosmic reason, always seems to be the one most likely to be stained, ripped, abused, ad infinium. There is also a great chance that the manufacturer will, for very little reason at all, decide to change, discontinue, raise prices, all without warning. I have never regretted buying too many of an item I love, but I have regretted not getting enough of them while I could.

Now, I am not saying that you have to all multiples of everything you own – only the things you really love. And yes, you do need variety. Man cannot live by bread alone. Just heed my warning. If you like the fit, cut, fabric, pattern, whatever it might be, of an item of clothing, get a couple. For remember:

“One is none. Two is one. The third is a spare.”

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