What I Wore: Layering For Spring

An unseasonable warm spell in late February prompted an early dip into my spring wardrobe and out came my tobacco gabardine suit for a short cameo. While a zeal for double-digit temperatures fueled the experiment, the return of temperate coolness (and my sanity, for that matter) soon returned. I generally “run cold” and thus will often be layered up throughout the winter months, even with the benefit of heavier fabrics such as tweed and flannel.

I wore my tweed herringbone jacket with those grey flannels as the basis for an outfit that looks wonderful both with or without a splash of colour. I prefer button-downs with sport jacketing and chose my blue university stripe as the canvas for my sweater and tie; the wine merino V-neck becomes the accent piece, and a slightly-teal wool tie gives a nice transition between the blue and burgundy without offending elsewhere.

Heartier browns and textures seem to demand less contrast from accoutrements, and a darker pocket square adds distinction without a loud statement. A goes-with-everything grey wool scarf and dark brown leather gloves quietly and succinctly finish the look while providing crucial additional insulation from this now-unseasonably cold spring weather.

Dress boots pair naturally to the heartier country fabrics, and in lieu of suede I opted for my leather chukkas that have naturally patinated and, thus, brandish a heartier rusticism.

Ryan W.A. Clark

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