What I Wore: Dressing For the Day with an Eye on the Evening

Taking cue from the influence of Ivy style, I tend to find myself overdressed for the typical casual affair - an affect that I've come to embrace and, begrudgingly, allow others to celebrate. The rigors of navigating a full agenda can require a bit of foresight to match formality with
occasion and often fosters this elegance mismatch.

With little time to change between work and a casual evening affair, my dress for the day was modular: navy blazer, mid-grey worsted odd trouser, pink button-down Oxford, thin powder blue merino sweater, burgundy-ground repp tie, and chocolate suede tassel loafers with burgundy and navy socks to pick up the shirt and tie. Each piece can easily be swapped out or (in some cases) removed altogether without compromising cohesion.

After taking off my tie, I exchanged the blazer for a navy denim trucker jacket, which I often employ as a casual version of a blazer. I could also trade out the suede loafers for sneakers and the trousers for a grey denim jean, though I opted to retain the formal / casual juxtaposition as a modish bending of rules.

A versatile wardrobe can boast several “versions” of the same garment, accentuating differing textures, fabrics and fashions for varying formalities and climates, and I'll get into this in greater depth in a future blog post.

Ryan W.A. Clark

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