What I Wore: Unexpected Layering

Those that eagerly anticipate the cooler temperatures of autumn often revel in the wealth of alternatives provided by their wardrobe. Chunkier fabrics and robust textures and heft and warmth, though many accomplish the same feat by layering - a key impetus for the ease of dress in fall weather.

Traditional approaches bear no shortage of unique combinations and impart considerable depth upon an existing collection of clothes, yet a little experimentation with non-traditional arrangements can yield interest, depth, and even some unusual function.

Transitory weather common to spring and autumn means a wide array of temperatures and precipitation, conditions receptive to having several options at hand throughout the day.

Starting with a base shirt & tie (light blue oxford cloth button-down and a green-ground repp tie) I added a grey sweater vest for a little pattern in a neutral colour. The lack of sleeves was complemented by a charcoal swacket - quite literally a sweater jacket - in an effort of nested knitwear.

The casualness imparted by the lack of a traditional sport jacket made for a natural fit with an earth-toned chino and chocolate suede tassle loafers. The real kicker is the top layer: a waxed cotton barn coat, a trick I picked up from Jay's repertoire. Earthy in its olive colour and long enough to cover the swacket, this rustic topcoat protects from the elements and dresses down the outfit to which a pair of rain boots would still look appropriate.

An urbane country look that's a clever change from the familiar.

Ryan W.A. Clark

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