Seasonal Trousers for the Fall and Winter

When broached with the idea of a seasonal pant, many a man will shy away from a specialized trouser in favour of a more streamlined and simplified approach: sticking with his known basics, often an all-season worsted wool trouser, dark-toned chinos or washable synthetic. While practical, such a system overlooks a myriad of stylistic and - more importantly - functional advantages that seasonal trousers provide.


As we've written previously on this blog, there is nothing quite like wearing flannel in the depths of winter. Impeccably soft and comfortable, flannel trousers capture body heat in a manner few other fabrics can. Texturous and matted, we often joke that it's as close to wearing pyjamas in a socially-acceptable manner as a man can achieve (I've often described my charcoal flannel suit in this manner.)

Cavalry Twill

Originally designed as a military horse riding trouser, cavalry twill is a robust wool fabric that's typically heavy in weight and drapes exceptionally well. Less sheen than most twills, cavalry creates a depth of colour due to the abundance of warp ends compared to weft, resulting in an appealing surface interest that pairs well with heartier sport jackets. A personal favourite of ours.


Casual and rugged by nature, the King's cloth is visibly identified by its tufted ridges (referred to as cords or wales) and often expressed in earthy tones such as browns, greens, and tans. Typically - though not always - forged from cotton, a corduroy trouser pairs well with denim, sweaters, and casual jacketing.

Hybrid Blends & Novel Fabrications

Perhaps you like the look of a woolen trouser but don't react well to the hardiness of a wool fabric - a cotton pant in a woolen finish provides the softness and washability of a chino, such as a Brax WooLook cotton trouser. A unique natural fabric blend can also broaden the function and appeal of a traditional pant, like this cashmere and wool Gala trouser - a luxurious softness and a unique texture that serves as a sleek base for any sport jacket combination.

Ryan W.A. Clark

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