The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit

What can I say about flannel that hasn't been said before? Even I myself have expounded about the fabric on this very blog. Well, the latest addition to my ever expanding wardrobe is a pearl grey flannel suit by Samuelsohn. This suit is more of a replacement for an existing suit in my wardrobe from Coppley. While the Coppley suit was lovely in its own way, the flannel was a bit light and the fit a bit tight. Regardless, my colleague Ryan was the beneficiary of that first grey flannel suit attempt.

The first thing that anyone to visit our shop would notice is the fabric. The colour was a bit lighter then I was thinking. Not a bad colour, but I was a bit unsure of it. It also quite heavy at 12 ounces compared to say '4 Season' garments which weigh in between 8 to 10. It does have a beautiful molten appearance and a nice nape. I have equated it to wearing pyjamas -- which is not far off. That brings up the second point I would like to talk about, the cut of the suit. This suit feels big, and so it should, it was made that way. It was cut to be roomier than other suits I have had in the past, the chest and back specifically. This makes the pyjama reference more suiting. While still being shapely, it is very comfortable. Though I thought, "Was it too big?"

I do not want to imply that I loved or hated this suit the moment I received it. Thankfully, it has now become the suit I grab when the temperature drops and comfort takes precedent over all else. I like to take a little while to wear a garment now before reviewing. Sometimes, as the garments breaks in a bit, or maybe you just get used to the unique idiosyncrasies of it, you begin to see what were once viewed flaws, are now seen as benefits. Sometimes, the tailor is right. Just wear the garment a bit, or as they say, 'let is settle'.

Jason Byron Reynolds

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