Fun with Socks: Part IV

I think that a big reason we see men in louder, more colourful socks today is that we wear neckties less, and that personality needs to shine through somewhere. Beyond the traditional dress sock - grey, navy, black, white, and brown - men are more comfortable accenting their outfit with complementary colour and patterns to have a little fun and, sometimes - make a smart contrast to catch the eye.

Casual or Formal

Stripes, patterns, novelties, and abstracts go a long way to breaking up a simple jacket-and-trouser affair, or even giving a little kick to jeans and a t-shirt.

The Wedding Sock

The funky sock has become a staple for many grooms, often outfitting his entire roster of groomsmen in coordinated hosiery.

Step Up from Sweatsocks

As much as the plain white sweatsock has its place, they don't add much thought to a casual getup (unless you're as rakish as Paul Newman or strut the footwork of Gene Kelly.) Marled cotton socks offer texture and coordinated colour with the same lushness and softness of the trad whites. Women notice men's choice in footwear far more than we'd ever imagine; give them something smart to look at.

Ryan W.A. Clark

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