Sartorial Muse - Primary Colours

It may come as little surprise that my Instagram feed is chock full of men's and clothing accounts (sometimes I AM that caricature that people imagine me to be.) A lot of great looks come out of that feed, and many of the ideas I've tried over the years are borne out of seeing something intriguing and giving it a go. Usually these amount to little more than an interesting combo or a unique item that I'd yet to consider (a denim dress shirt, an olive suit, turtlenecks galore.)

Occasionally I'll come across an outfit outside of my purview that a) challenges my tastes, and b) I can reasonably replicate with my existing wardrobe. While not always successful, developing a broader nature always proves to be worthwhile in my field.

Quite the Admirer

The look I emulated was from Instagrammer and blogger Philippe.TK, and after combing my list of saved IG posts I'd realized that I've been a fan of his for far longer than I'd realized. Peppered throughout my history were entry after entry of smart, often bold outfits from Philippe. That earned a follow right then and there!

Drawing my eye initially towards the brick cotton trousers, the outfit paired nicely with the natural tone of the jacket and provided a warm, playful canvas for shirting and accessories. Defaulting to a white or light blue shirt would be the obvious tact; Philippe instead opts for a darker-blue button-down to lend contrast to the kit. It's an approach I prefer used sparingly rather than as rule, as I find men drawn to dark shirts as quintessentially "cool" in the vein of Johnny Cash / Hollywood galas / any Russian mobster. It's usually best to nail the basics so you can know how to break the rules.

Aware of the hanging pair of brazen red go-to-hell pants in my closet, a suitable jacket could then be found breaking up my natural linen suit. To complete the primary colour trifecta, I reached for a casual cotton-linen blue button-down, imbued equally with summer function and fashion. Rounding out the ensemble were chocolate brown penny loafers, a sportier leather-strapped watch, and a blue-red-and-white cotton gingham pocket square.

For the Spring and the Summer

While certainly bold, I had a lot of fun trying out this outfit. Bright colours perfect for the rejuvenation of spring and the aloofness of summer, all the while reminding me that even tailored clothing can be a little less stodgy and a little loud from time to time.

Ryan W.A. Clark

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