Wear a Sweater!

So it turns out your mother was right - you should wear a sweater. Right now in Central Ontario, we are in the middle of a cold snap. A really cold snap. As I sit here at my desk, the temperature outside say it 'feels' like -17 Celsius (that is about 1 in Fahrenheit). At this point, staying warm trumps being stylish. However, there are ways to add warmth to any outfit when the thermometer drops. For those of you suit wearers (and those who don sport jackets are even in a better position) adding a v neck sweater to an outfit adds a stylish layer of warmth.

Sweaters can get a bad rap at times. More than one person reading this blog will have attended an 'Ugly Sweater' party in the last month or so. The key to wearing a sweater, especially with a suit or sport jacket, is to keep it simple and keep it fitted. The best, and most useful, sweaters will be in the v neck style. These can be worn with a tie as the plunge in the neckline is specifically there to accommodate a tie. If you go tieless, you can still wear a v neck, but it is better to wear a crew neck as it keeps the look a tad bit cleaner.

Stick to neutral colours in solid colours such a grey/charcoal, navy, tan, and brown, but do not underestimate the usefulness of ones in burgundy and green. For warmth, you should be looking for a sweater made of merino wool with maybe even a bit cashmere. This will help keep you warm without adding too much bulk. As always, make sure that it fits close to the body so it will fit comfortably under your suit. When wearing the sweater remember to try and tone down the formality of the outfit a bit. Wearing a wool tie or a silk pocket square will help go a long way to making it appear as a coherent look.

So stay warm everyone and layer up!

Jason Byron Reynolds

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