Fall in to Style

Its the most wonderful time of the year...well if you are a clotheshorse like myself. While some may bemoan the end of summer, I for one welcome the change. The leaves begin to change, we all get back to a schedule and our lives slow down to a normal pace after all the hubbub of summer. The days are relatively warm, while the nights get chilly and brisk. Now, I have not always thought like this, but as I age and my tastes have changed, especially my ever-expanding love of menswear, I see Autumn with fresh eyes. Out go all the cotton, linen and other lightweight material for another year, and in come what I consider the best fabrics of the year. I am talking the heavier stuff. Flannel, either worsted or traditional, tweed, corduroy, oxford cloth, denim, lambswool, and all the rest. I have begun making the change in my own wardrobe (perhaps prematurely). It is like reuniting with old friends. For me, it is almost cathartic.

Besides my love of all the fabrics that Fall brings with it, there is also the endless amount of possibilities that come with it. First off, no matter how lightweight a suit may be, there are going to be many a day in the dead of summer that will make donning it unbearable from my own experience no material is fun to wear when the thermometer reads 30 celsius and the humidex reads 1000% (or so it seems). Now for a man like myself who likes to dress up, the cooling off of the temperature allows one to start doing interesting layering of pieces, like sweaters under an sport jacket, over a flannel shirt. Suits can now be worn with a vest. Everything becomes a little more complex and interesting to the eye as well as the touch.

Also, the colour spectrum becomes more to my liking. Now, don't get me wrong, I love to wear mint green, pink, taxi yellow, and summer blues. However, the colour palate of summer screams, whereas the colours of fall simply whisper. The hunter greens, mid greys, navys, and every shade of brown, really come in to their own in the Fall. Mostly it is because these colours are the colours that you will be surrounded by your environment and weather.

Lastly, you can get get away with less formal outfits and pieces in the fall and still look like you belong. Usually in menswear there is a clear distinction between business attire and casual wear. Think of summer, shorts and tee shirts should not be worn in the office regardless of the temperature. In fall however, you can wear what are essentially casual pieces (at least in the traditional sense) in more urban and formal settings. The French have a lovely word for this Rus in Urbe (here is lovely article explaining it and how it translates to modern dress).

So, let the seasons change. Keep you head up high supported by a lovely scarf and chunky knit sweater. For those whom love mens clothing, there really is no better time of year.

Jason Byron Reynolds

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