The Knit Tie

The knit tie, based on interactions with our customers, seems to be a very divisive subject. Some people like them, some people despise them. Currently at John McNabb Clothier, we do not carry any knit ties, but we will be carrying a select few for this fall. These will be made of wool and will pair excellently with tweed, corduroy and other fall/winter odd jackets. And so they should. The knit tie excels with odd jackets, but can also add a casual nonchalance to a suit as well. They come as mentioned in wool, but also in silk, linen, and cotton to pair accordingly with jackets and sweaters in other fabrics and are usually solid, block striped, or dotted.

So what do I think of them? I know you are dying to know, so thank you for asking. Me, I love them. Since I do not have to dress in a jacket, let alone a tie, I like to keep it as casual as possible thus making me less of a spectacle. The knit tie with its rough texture and muted sheen allows me to pull that off. Many people in my situation would simply forgo the tie and wear their shirts unbuttoned at the neck. While I can live with this from time to time, something in my mind makes the look seem unfinished and boring. The necktie itself was invented to add what menswear lacks, a splash of colour and texture. The tie just elevates and finishes a look well at least to me.

Now, I am not telling professionals like lawyers, accountants and bankers to start sporting a knit tie instead of the standard printed or woven silk. In that case, you are wearing a uniform and should look as professional as required to fit in with your peers. However, what about those times where you do not need to look overly professional, but still need to be dressed up? Maybe on those occasions you could look to the knit tie....or maybe a bow tie! No, wait, that is for another day ;)

What are your thoughts on the knit tie? Would you like us to carry more in store?

Do you wear knit ties?

Yes. I love them and where them all the time.

Nope. Never have.

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