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Do you alter clothes not bought at your store?

Yes we do! We would prefer if you got it from us, but we are always willing to alter clothes bough elsewhere ;). Head over to our Alterations Section for prices and services.

Do you have tuxedos for rent?

Yes we do! We are agents for both Freeman Formalwear and for Tuxedo Royale. No matter where the rest of the wedding party is getting fitted, you can always be fitted at our store. It can then be delivered to either the store or to another location.

How much do your suits cost?

While the exact dollar number is always changing, we do carry a range of suits, starting at affordable prices - please check our Suit Section on our site for current suits and prices. We believe that we offer great value and we feel we have a suit for everyone - from people just starting out to those looking to add something extremly unique to their already extensive wardrobe.

How quickly can you put together a custom suit/blazer?

At John McNabb Clothier we use Coppley and Samuelsohn for Custom garments. For Made To Measure (MTM) and Custom garments take 3 weeks from the taking of measurement to receiving the final product. Coppley offers an expedited service, for a premium, that will have the garment finished in 7-10 working days. Twice a year, at Christmas time and during their summer shutdown period, they cease production for 3 weeks. Please contact us for exact shutdown times and any other questions you may have about custom clothing.

What brands of clothing do you carry?

We carry a whole whack of brands! While we will only be ever be offering an edited collection, we have a tonne more in-store and available to us.

To find out a comprehensive list, please visit our Brands page.

If you have something in mind that you don't see online, please contact us or stop by the store. We are always happy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Where do you ship to?

While our ecommence site is not up and operational, we are now currenlty shipping goods across Canada. This will continue to be the case when we go full ecommerce. We will not be shipping to any other destinations outside of Canada for the time being.

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